Trivia A2 - Line Amplifier

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Bi-directional sdsdsd amplifer, up to 10A curent pass. Philips high-gain module. Perfect bi-directional structure brings installation and debugging convenient.

Performance Characteristic:

- Adopt Philips high-gain module
- Equalizer, attenuator have fxed structure for selection (adjustable optional)
- Output splitter or coupler can change to make engineering debug more agile.
- Forward and reverse signals have independent test   port, easy to debug.
- Return channel adopt Philips amplify module, good quality duplex flter, plug fxed attenuators and equalizers, makes it high C/N.
- High reliable switch power and strict anti-thunder system fit fore safe steady work in worst weather.
- Suitable large or middle-size bi-directional network main trunk signal transmission